About the All-In Music Project
Mission:   The All-In Music Project uses music to inspire active solidarity with marginalized people, build community, and educate/mobilize for social transformation.

How We Carry Out Our Mission:

Worship:  The All-In Music Project creates and leads worship services that are arts based and liberative in nature.  Through these services we seek to connect people with the spiritual resources they need to continue, or begin, to participate in Just Peace movement, while also educating about social issues and how they relate to God’s calling on our lives.

Live Shows We believe that music, particularly live music, is a manifestation of God’s Spirit, thus its many capacities.  Music is this mysterious, liberative, and powerful thing.  It has the power to comfort, to console, to enliven, to impassion, and to educate.  It has the power to break down barriers and bring people together across all divisions, and the power to bind them up in beautiful, transcendent moments that can heal us of our past, celebrate the present, and give us hope for the future.  At every performance, whether it’s Eric solo or with the All-In Band, we seek to share music that will meet people where they are, lift them up, inspire, educate, and activate them.  In addition to the music, we then seek to connect people with resources at the show, through printed material from local organizations as well as representatives from those organizations, so they can participate in the transformative work happening in their community. 

Additionally, performances are held in homeless shelters and other venues where the impoverished are welcome so they too can have the experience of live music.  The music performed in these venues seeks to speak to the lived experience of the impoverished with the hope of offering comfort, solidarity, and transcendence if only for a moment. 

Our ideal is also to perform in spaces where people of differing economic status, races, nations of origin, etc, can gather together around music and allow the experience to break down the barriers that divide us.

Contact Eric if you would like to host a concert or worship service ANYWHERE!

Collaboration with Local Grassroots Organizations:
Particularly on tour, the All-In Music Project seeks to connect people with grassroots organizations.  On tour, people travelling have the opportunity to spend time with organizations in each city to learn about their work, and spend time with the people these organizations serve.  Through these connections travellers have their own imaginations sparked for ways they can make a difference at home, they become educated on social issues, and have the opportunity to see how these issues affect real people.

Tour:  An All-In Tour is a combination of all of the above, with additional educational components as well! We go on tour once or twice per year.

Contact Eric if you would like to be a part of a tour in the future! No musical talent required!

Recorded Music:  The All-In Music Project produces original, recorded   
music as well.  The music carries social themes as well as the highs and lows of life.  The first EP, Little Fiery One, was released in the Fall of 2017. Moving forward, the project aims to share stories from the margins through music, as stories have a particular capacity to shift perspectives. We also hope in the future to be able to support other artists, particularly those of the margins, whose work is consistent with our mission.